BigBen Timers are designed to be as easy to use as possible and to replicate a standard kitchen timer.

Countdown Mode

To use your BigBen Timer simply press the buttons for the time you want to set. Note that the timer starts at the right so to enter “7:00” you would press the 7, then the 0, and finally the 0 a second time. Then press the start button.

Countup Mode

To use your BigBen Timer to time speeches from 00:00 just press the start button.  The timer will now count up. Push the stop button to pause.  Press the reset button for a new timer or the start button to restart your previous timer.

Debate Preset Mode

A few common debate events have been loaded as presets.  This should make timing debate rounds a breeze since each event has the speeches laid out in an easy to use table.  Just click on the speech name and then click start.  When the speaker is finished click stop (if there is time remaining), click the next speech, and click start.

When the timer is running all of the numbers and the reset button are disabled. You can pause the timer by pressing the Stop button (which is the same button you used to start the timer). Press the reset button to clear any time left over in the top display.

The timer will vibrate at each minute mark – so for a 7:00 minute timer it will vibrate at 6:00, 5:00, etc… to give you feedback on your time remaining. When time has expired the timer will beep three times if your sound is on otherwise you feel it vibrate.

If you have any further questions or ideas for future versions send me a message below: