Welcome to the home of the best timer for speech and debate students for your Android, iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

BigBen Timers are specifically designed for use in the speech and debate community. Rather than buying a $12 kitchen timer that you have to carry around with you just download a BigBen Timer for your Android, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Available for just $0.99 you will save money and ensure you’ll always have your timer available at tournaments.

BigBen Timers:

  • Count up from 0:00 to 99:99 – perfect for timing individual event rounds
  • Count down from 99:99 to 0:00 – perfect for timing debate rounds and individual event rounds with specific time limits like impromptu or extemp.
  • Beeps when the timer reaches 00:00 – as long as your sound is on
  • Vibrate on each minute to give you a heads up as a judge or competitor so you can be aware of the time remaining.  Perfect for judges who have trouble giving time signals
  • Has a Large Timer to make it easy to see while speaking
  • Keep showing you the timer – the sleep mode has been disabled so your screen will not go dark in the middle of your speech! (iPhone only at this point).
  • Handle many common debate rounds with helpful presets. All the speeches are listed so just click through each one to keep on track. (iPhone only at this point)

BigBen Timers seek to bring fully functional timers to your android or iOS (iPod,iPhone,iPad) for use at Speech and Debate Tournaments.

Developed by Danny Cantrell, whose other debate projects include forensicstournament.net, plustab 2, and socal-ld.net, is a leader in integrating technology into the forensics community.

A gorgeous user interface greys out when the timer is running to focus your eye on the time remaining for your speech.

Your android/iOS will vibrate when the timer reaches each minute mark and beep three times when the time runs out so you’ll always know how much time you have remaining. Your iPhone/iPod will not go to sleep mode while the timer is running (unless you specifically put the device to sleep)

Please let me know if you have any feedback!

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